How to play Jazz Ziggs DTCL Season 10 squad

How to play Jazz Ziggs DTCL Season 10 squad 6

Ziggs is becoming the strongest tier 5 carry in Truth Arena Season 10, combining perfectly with the Jazz EXODIA squad.

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Since the beginning of DTCL Season 10, Ziggs has rarely been used by chess players because he is a difficult to find tier 5 champion and tier 1 and tier 3 slow roll formations are proving too effective.

Below are detailed instructions on how to play the Jazz Ziggs squad in DTCL Season 10:

Ziggs’s Teamfight Tactics skill is Chaos Theory.

Ziggs is a champion that increases in strength over time very well.

Difficulty: Very High

Generals in the squad:

Bard (Tier 2)

Miss Fortune (Level 3)

Sett (Tier 3)

Thresh (Tier 4)

Illaoi (Tier 5)

Lucian (Tier 5)

Sona (Tier 5)

Yorick (Tier 5)

Ziggs (Tier 5)

Clans in the squad:

2 Hyperpop (Superstar)

3 Jazz

2 Gladiators

2 Excellent

2 Super Kicks

2 Dharma Protectors


1 Music Wizard

Start playing Jazz Ziggs when:

Had an early winning streak

Equipped with AP

Rotate cards flexibly

Very strong in the late game

High top 1 rate

Requires high player skill

Need a long winning streak, good health retention

Needs to be extremely flexible in the late game

It’s easy to run out of blood and top 8 before completing the squad

How to play Jazz Ziggs DTCL Season 10 squad

Received 40 gold, maximum profit increased to 10

Promotion Experience

In the next 4 rounds, receive 7 gold


After reaching level 9, receive 30 gold

After reaching level 9, receive 50 EXP

Sell all champions for x2 gold, get 8 free rolls

Reinforcing the Defense

Double the profit from win/loss streaks


Level up to level 4 in round 2-1

Use superstars like Annie and Nami to carry the team early in the game

Play a winning streak, level up to keep the streak if necessary

Optimize your outfit right away, don’t wait for the right outfit to match

How to play Jazz Ziggs DTCL Season 10 squad

Level up to level 6 in round 3-2

In the middle of the game, switch to using Hearthsteel to hack gold

Aphelios pawns Sona’s things

Senna pawned things for Ziggs

Ekko pawns things for Illaoi

How to play Jazz Ziggs DTCL Season 10 squad

Get to level 9 as quickly as possible

Roll to search for Ziggs or Sona Superstar


Illaoi = Zac

Yorick = Neeko

Lucian = Ezreal pawns / Any 1 Super Roll

Sona = Lulu

How to play Jazz Ziggs DTCL Season 10 squad
How to play Jazz Ziggs DTCL Season 10 squad

Late game lineups like Jazz Ziggs are very strong in Crazy Dice mode, where players continuously rotate their cards.

Optimize your map early, play a winning streak

Don’t be afraid to spend 20 gold to get to level 6 if that can help you keep the streak

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