Man City boss: `Man United uses money but cannot buy titles`

Man City boss: `Man United uses money but cannot buy titles` 4

Man City’s CEO, Ferran Soriano, has strongly responded to criticism from rivals like Man United about `spending money` to buy titles.

VIDEO: Haaland’s last goal for Dortmund (Source: Dugout)

Manchester City announced a `blockbuster` contract named Erling Haaland with a transfer value of 51 million pounds (about 60 million euros), in the face of fierce competition from other clubs such as Real Madrid or Barcelona.

The Norwegian striker will travel to Spain, where he will meet with doctor, Ramon Cugat, who has worked with coach Pep Guardiola for three decades, for a medical examination.

Haaland is about to make his Manchester City debut

After that, he is expected to be at Etihad tomorrow.

Erling Haaland is the brightest young talent in Europe at this time, next to PSG’s Kylian Mbappe.

In addition, the team’s Arab owners also agreed to pay Dortmund a fee of 51 million pounds, divided into several installments, with 30 million pounds paid immediately after signing the contract.

This is clearly a `bargain` for the Ruhr team, as they only spent 17.1 million pounds to bring back a striker who has scored 85 goals in 88 matches for the team since joining from RB Salzburg in September.

Recently, responding to the above famous deal, Manchester City CEO Ferran Soriano said that high remunerations and large amounts of `tips` for a talented player like Haaland are considered `

“You can see the transfer numbers, and they are very reasonable.

Man City boss: `Man United uses money but cannot buy titles`

Ferran Soriano was pleased when Man City successfully recruited Erling Haaland

“He had all the peace of mind and time to choose his future destination.

“The money (to break the contract) could have been paid by Manchester United, Bayern Munich or Real Madrid, but he decided where he wanted to go and we feel very proud” – the chief executive

He also admitted that his team is lacking a central striker, someone who can perfectly replace what Sergio Aguero has done in the past:

“We focus on football, winning games and winning titles, but the club is lacking a central striker.

“We had someone as spectacular as Sergio Agüero.

“It will take some time to adapt and get used to the new environment.

Soriano also defended Man City against criticism that clubs like them and PSG are `ruining football` because of state-backed investments.

“A lot of people spin stories that are lies and make no sense.

“We don’t spend more, and in fact, we spend less.

Man City boss: `Man United uses money but cannot buy titles`

Soriano said that Man United `can’t buy titles with money`

“And look how much money Man United have spent in recent years, and how much Man City have spent.”

If you analyze further, you will see they spend more, but our team has won 11 titles in the last few years, and they have only won one, or two, and don’t have a Premier League.

“You cannot compare Man City and PSG, because they are two different environments.

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