Lukaku drew a super goal, MU returned to the top 4

Lukaku drew a super goal, MU returned to the top 4 5

Sports 247 – Lukaku had a great match with 2 beautiful goals to help MU take 4th place in the Premier League rankings.

Highlight MU 3-2 Southampton

MU welcomed Southampton at home in round 29 of the Premier League with good news coming from the early match.

Entering the first half, MU started excitedly, overwhelming the away team in the first minutes of the first half. Lukaku had the most opportunities but could not take advantage of them.

By the 26th minute, Southampton’s efforts were rewarded with a cannon shot by Valery.

In the second half, Man United made positive changes in their playing style and scored 2 consecutive goals.

Southampton did not give up easily but pushed their team up to press the home team.


Man United: De Gea (GK);

Southampton: Gunn (GK);

Time: 22:00 March 2 |



90+4′: DO NOT ENTER!!!!!

90+3′: Penalty for MU.

89′: IN IN IN IN IN !!!!

85′: MU is trying to find a goal in the last minutes but is still stuck in finding a way into the away team’s goal.

79′: No entry!!!

75′: IN IN IN IN !!!!

68′: No way.

64′: No way.

59′: IN IN IN IN !!!!

54′: IN IN IN IN IN IN !!!!!

52′: NO GOAL!!!!!

46′: No way.


END OF THE 1st HALF. MU 0-1 Southampton

44′: No entry.

40′: NO GOAL!!!!

37′: Rashford delicately drops the ball but Sanchez cannot take advantage of the opportunity, the Southampton goalkeeper still plays focused.

35′: NO.

33′: NO GOAL!!!!

26′: IN IN IN IN !!!!

23′: MU is facing many difficulties as Southampton is blocking MU’s midfield well.

17′: No way.

14′: No penalty.

11′: DO NOT ENTER!!!

10′: Southampton has a good ball deployment.

7′: McTominay is lying on the field after a collision with Sanchez

5′: NO!!!


2′: Rashford passed very well on the right wing but the pass was a bit deep


MU fans are excited towards the top 4

Lukaku drew a super goal, MU returned to the top 4

Tottenham and Arsenal split points in the early match, Man United will have a chance to enter the top 4

NHA top 5 rankings

first Liverpool 28 21 6 first sixty four 15 49 69
2 Manchester City 28 22 2 4 75 20 55 68
3 Tottenham 29 19 2 8 53 29 24 59
4 Arsenal 29 17 6 6 sixty one 39 22 57
5 Manchester United 28 16 7 5 55 36 19 55

Admire the dressing room at Old Trafford

Lukaku drew a super goal, MU returned to the top 4

MU’s starting lineup

Lukaku drew a super goal, MU returned to the top 4

MU fans are excitedly waiting

Lukaku drew a super goal, MU returned to the top 4

Man United players arrived at Old Trafford without Martial, Maitc, and Mata due to injury.

Lukaku drew a super goal, MU returned to the top 4


Man United: Valencia, Darmian, Lingard, Mata, Herrera, Martial, Matic injured;

Southampton: Michael Obafemi and Mario Lemina injured;

General perception:

Man United just had a 3-1 victory on Crystal Palace’s field to continue the race for tickets to the Champions League next season.

Despite the┬ástorm of injuries, MU still showed their improvement under Solskjaer’s direction.

Southampton is having a poor season with 17th place on the rankings, only 2 points ahead of 18th-ranked club Cardiff City.

Surrounding information:

9 – MU has won 9 and drawn 1 in 10 matches in the Premier League.

6 – MU is unbeaten against Southampton in 6 consecutive matches in all competitions.

5 – 5 of MU’s 6 home matches ended with less than 3 goals scored.

2 – Southampton only won 2 of the last 6 matches in the NHA.

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