The hero sacrificed his life to control a `cold-blooded` assassin in New Zealand

The hero sacrificed his life to control a `cold-blooded` assassin in New Zealand 1

(Dan Tri) – A man disregarded danger and tried every way to control a cold-blooded assassin in a shooting that left 50 people dead in New Zealand.

The hero sacrificed his life to control the `cold-blooded` killer at a New Zealand church

Abdul Aziz recounts the moment he faced the assassin.

Brenton Tarrant, 28 years old, caused a shooting at two mosques in Christchurch city that killed 50 people on March 15.

Tarrant is said to have shot dead 41 people at Al Noor church before driving another 5km to attack Linwood church.

Abdul Aziz, 48 years old, was hailed as a hero when he bravely chased the attacker and prevented him from massacring more people at Linwood church.

Aziz doesn’t claim to be a hero, just saying that anyone in his situation would do the same.

50 people died in two consecutive shootings in New Zealand

According to Alabi, while he was leading worshipers in prayer at Linwood, he suddenly heard a voice outside the church at around 1:55 p.m.

Alabi saw a man wearing military-style clothes and a helmet, holding a large gun in his hand.

“I realize this is a different situation.

Alabi shouted loudly at the crowd of more than 80 praying people, reminding them to bow down.

“Then he (Aziz) came.

As the gunman walked toward the church and shot dead victims in his path, Abdul Aziz did not try to hide.

Aziz then ran outside shouting, `Come here.`

“I screamed at him: Come here, come here.

Aziz said the attacker ran toward his car to get another gun.

Aziz recalled that he could still hear the voices of his two youngest sons, calling him to run into the church.

The hero sacrificed his life to control a `cold-blooded` assassin in New Zealand

Brenton Tarrant and the gun he used in the massacre at two churches in New Zealand.

Aziz ran between cars parked in the driveway of the church to prevent the gunman from getting a good view.

Aziz saw the gunman return to his car a second time, apparently to retrieve another weapon.

`He got into the car and I picked up the gun and threw it at his car door like an arrow, causing the car door to break,` said Aziz.

The windshield of the gunman’s car was broken.

Aziz said the gunman cursed at him, screaming that he would kill everyone.

Published images show police officers trying to control the suspect’s car on the road and pull the murderer out of the car.

Aziz shared that he did not feel afraid when facing the attacker.

“I don’t think I’m a hero because if I wasn’t there, there would be others doing the same thing.

Aziz is originally from the Kabul region in Afghanistan.

The hero sacrificed his life to control a `cold-blooded` assassin in New Zealand

Lateef Alabi with a bloody shirt after the shooting in New Zealand.

In photos immediately after the attack, priest Lateef was seen with a traditional shirt covered in blood.

`I’m very sad about what happened but I believe this country is a peaceful country and I hope good things will come out of this,` Lateef shared while holding back tears.

`I never thought something like this would happen in New Zealand. Never,` Lateef shared.


According to AP, Sky

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