Russia accused the US of trying to destabilize Venezuela

Russia accused the US of trying to destabilize Venezuela 1

(Dan Tri) – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said that the US continues to find many ways to destabilize the situation in Venezuela, but the people’s support for the Venezuelan government is still very strong.

President Maduro attended the military parade in Venezuela

President Maduro spoke at the independence day parade in Venezuela on July 5 (Photo: Reuters)

“The US policy of applying maximum pressure on Venezuela remains unchanged.

“The (US) attempt to quickly achieve the goal of overthrowing the legitimate government (of Venezuela) failed, as did the attempt at a coup.

According to the Russian diplomat, Moscow will continue to support the development of Venezuela’s military capabilities.

“We will continue our multifaceted efforts to develop partnerships with brotherly Venezuela.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister also denied information about Moscow increasing its military presence in Venezuela.

Russian officials and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that the country’s plane carried military experts to Venezuela to perform maintenance work under the arms sales contract between the two sides and that this move did not violate the law.

“Reports about Russia’s military presence in Venezuela have been denied many times.

Russia accused the US of trying to destabilize Venezuela

Opposition leader Guaido speaks to a crowd of supporters on independence day in Venezuela (Photo: Reuters)

Yesterday, July 5, Venezuela celebrated its independence day.

“The United States is proud to support interim president Juan Guaido and Venezuela’s democratically elected National Assembly.

US Vice President Mike Pence and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also agreed with Advisor John Bolton’s views.

“On this day 208 years ago, the great country of Venezuela declared its independence.

In a post on Twitter, Secretary of State Pompeo wrote: “Today, Venezuela’s independence day, we are reminded of this country’s prosperous past and the future that Venezuelans deserve.

Also yesterday, both President Maduro and opposition leader Guaido gave public speeches.


According to Tass, Sputnik

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