18 days of Tham Luang miracle: The battle to overcome adversity

18 days of Tham Luang miracle: The battle to overcome adversity 1

(Dan Tri) – Overcoming a series of difficulties and at times seemingly deadlocked, the operation to rescue the Thai youth football team took place successfully and brought all the trapped people out of the cave to the joy of the people.

Birthday party

Divers entered Tham Luang cave to rescue the football team (Photo: Reuters)

Rain is forecast to pour down on June 23 – the day the Wild Boars football team has a trip to Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai province.

On the first night when the team was discovered missing, the players’ parents seemed to go crazy.

However, Thai `frogs` are only used to tropical open water environments, not the opaque, cold water flowing in Tham Luang cave.

On June 25, Ruengrit Changkwanyuen, Thailand regional manager of General Motors, was one of the first cave divers to volunteer at Tham Luang.

Conquer the `impossible mission` in the rescue campaign for the Thai football team

Even for experienced cave divers like Ruengrit, the resistance of the water flowing in Tham Luang cave shocked him.

“It’s like walking in a rushing waterfall and feeling like the water is rushing over you.

Thai Navy SEAL divers and volunteer divers are still determined to enter the cave and follow instructions to ensure safety while moving.

“If you put your hand in front of your face, it will disappear.

Many explorers say that Tham Luang is one of the most dangerous caves in the world.

Difficulties pile up

18 days of Tham Luang miracle: The battle to overcome adversity

Graphic of the distance the rescue team took to reach the Thai football team in Tham Luang cave (Source: Bangkok Post)

Deep inside the cave, the cold water made the Thai divers’ teeth chatter, even though they rested 12 hours between each dive.

When the rays of hope faded 10 days after the teenage soccer team was discovered missing, two British divers accidentally discovered their location while extending a guide rope in the cave.

However, the joy did not last long and turned into worry.

The rescue team’s arduous journey in Tham Luang cave

Three SEAL divers were missing for 23 hours while participating in the rescue operation.

Four days after the team was found, former SEAL Saman Kunan was killed while placing oxygen tanks in Tham Luang cave.

Meanwhile, efforts to bring water out of the cave using pumps and erecting temporary dams began to have an effect.

Run with time

18 days of Tham Luang miracle: The battle to overcome adversity

Forms of stretcher transportation to carry people stuck in Tham Luang cave (Photo: NYT)

The rescue team is ready to launch a campaign to get 13 people trapped out of the cave since last weekend.

The rescue operation began with many unpredictable factors such as the amount of water, oxygen, mud, and even the mental and physical state of the players.

Initially, the masks brought by the American rescue team to Tham Luang only fit adult sizes.

According to the proposal of the American rescue team, each child will be placed in a plastic cocoon called Sked, essentially a rescue stretcher.

After 2 and a half hours going through the flooded parts of the cave, the remaining sections were easier for the rescue team.

18 days of Tham Luang miracle: The battle to overcome adversity

Rescue team wading through Tham Luang cave (Photo: Nation)

The rescue team had to use many forms of transportation suitable for each section of the road in Tham Luang cave.

According to the New York Times, the rescue operation for the Thai soccer team was a combination of both the physical strength and intelligence of 10,000 people, including 2,000 soldiers, 200 divers and human resources from 100 government agencies.

“The most important factor in a rescue is luck.

“Other than the moment the firefighters entered the World Trade Center despite knowing that the building was on fire and could collapse at any moment, I don’t know if there was any rescue that was even possible.


According to NYT

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