Official: Thiago Silva has the perfect landing spot when leaving Chelsea

Official: Thiago Silva has the perfect landing spot when leaving Chelsea 4

After 4 years Thiago Silva officially left Chelsea and returned to his childhood team Fluminense in Brazil.

After much speculation, midfielder Thiago Silva finally left Chelsea and joined his dream destination.

A statement from Chelsea read: `After four seasons with Chelsea, Thiago Silva will leave after our final match of the Premier League season against Bournemouth at Stamford Bridge and rejoin the club.

“Chelsea have agreed with Thiago that he can soon integrate with his new teammates after signing a two-year contract with the Brazilian club.

Silva joined childhood football team Fluminense (Photo: X)

Thiago Silva spent two years at Fluminense’s academy between 1998 and 2000 before moving elsewhere in Brazil.

Silva chose to end his illustrious playing career in his homeland.

Silva said: “Chelsea means a lot to me.

`My sons play for Chelsea so I’m very proud to be part of the Chelsea family – literally because my sons are here. I hope they continue their careers.

“I think in everything I’ve done here in the past four years, I’ve always given it my all.

“Obviously, when I started here, it was during the pandemic so there weren’t any fans in the stadium. But through social media, it became something very special.

`Saying goodbye under normal circumstances is difficult, but when you have feelings for each other, it is even more difficult. One day is Blue, forever is Blue.`

In 14 years of working in Europe, Thiago Silva has 30 big and small titles, which shows the undisputed class of the Brazilian defender.

Silva is the most successful Brazilian contract at Chelsea (Source: OneFootball)

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