OFFICIAL: C1 Cup changes big, Messi and teammates ‘rejoicing’

OFFICIAL: C1 Cup changes big, Messi and teammates 'rejoicing' 4

For objective reasons in addition to this, the final match of this season’s UEFA Champions League had to change the venue compared to the previous schedule.

With the unresolved conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, this has also directly impacted sideline entertainment events, including football.

The Champions League final is always one of the sporting events that receives the most attention from soccer fans around the world.

In the latest announcement published by the European Football Federation UEFA a few hours ago, the venue for this season’s Champions League final will be moved to Paris instead of Saint Petersburg in Russia as originally planned.

Saint Petersburg is the planned location for this year’s Champions League final.

Specifically, Stade de France stadium will be the place with the honor of taking place this season’s Champions League final.

Perhaps the Paris Saint Germain club will be the happiest with this information.

If present in the Champions League final, PSG will automatically be the home team.

OFFICIAL: C1 Cup changes big, Messi and teammates 'rejoicing'

But Stade de France in France is the place that will host the 2021/2022 Champions League final, with the latest announcements from UEFA.

PSG has now reached the 1/8 round, where they have a 1-goal lead over Real Madrid and the two teams will have a rematch in Spain in more than a week.

In addition, to limit possible risks, Russian and Ukrainian football teams participating in tournaments organized by UEFA will be temporarily required to play their home matches in other countries.

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