Dortmund is about to compete for the cup with Real like this

Dortmund is about to compete for the cup with Real like this 4

We need another 20 days to witness the Champions League final, but even at this moment, people are also very worried about a very disorganized Dortmund.

Both Real Madrid and Dortmund are eagerly waiting to enter the 2023/24 Champions League final.

During the trip to Granada’s stadium, Real Madrid still showed a fiery spirit of victory, even though they won the La Liga championship two rounds ago.

If members of the first team don’t play well, they are ready to replace them.

Real is still playing with the highest determination – Photo: Getty

That victory helped Real Madrid continue to maintain the `habit` of winning seamlessly.

Dortmund is the same in theory.

During the trip to the stadium of the team struggling to stay relegated Mainz, they let the opponent bury 3 goals without reply.

Watching Dortmund play, no one recognized the team that made the rich PSG bitterly leave the game after losing 0-2 after both matches.

Dortmund is about to compete for the cup with Real like this

Sancho came on the field in the second half and couldn’t save Dortmund – Photo: Getty

Everyone sees negative points in the mindset of Dortmund players.

That is a show of disrespect for the audience.

When he was at Bayern Munich, coach Pep Guardiola once said that the thing he was most afraid of when playing the Champions League was that his students could not maintain the feeling of the ball, the emotion of competition and feel the taste of victory.

Witnessing Dortmund turning itself into a `fool` so that the team struggling to stay in relegation, Mainz, could beat them to pieces, legend Lothar Matthaus had to exclaim: `No Dortmund player wants to play football.

Coach Terzic himself also felt angry with his students’ `actively losing` style and he called it cowardice.

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