Revealing Thomas Tuchel’s tearful letter after leaving Chelsea

Revealing Thomas Tuchel's tearful letter after leaving Chelsea 3

After leaving Chelsea full of surprise and regret, coach Thomas Tuchel had confided words that made Chelsea fans feel sad.

On the 100th day of taking office at Chelsea, new president Todd Boehly made a decision that, according to most Chelsea fans, was extremely cruel when the American businessman fired coach Thomas Tuchel on the occasion…

Expertise was not the factor that made Tuchel leave Chelsea bitterly, but the key was the disagreement in working policy.

Thomas Tuchel was suddenly fired after Chelsea’s 1-2 defeat against Dinamo Zagreb.

Even Tuchel was fired so suddenly that when he received the phone call from Boehly, the German coach was still planning the match against Fulham.

`When writing these lines, I feel extremely sad and it is difficult to write them down. I hope that in the next years of my career, I will not have to do this again (referring to

Revealing Thomas Tuchel's tearful letter after leaving Chelsea

When Chelsea was punished by the British government, Tuchel was the ‘lighthouse’ that illuminated Chelsea in the midst of the storm.

`Chelsea is a place that I call with one affectionate word: Home. At Chelsea, I was respected both professionally and in the way I treated people. The players and even the staff welcomed me as if I were

`Chelsea and I had a wonderful time together. We won the Champions League, the European Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup. I feel happy that I have become a part of the team’s history.

Revealing Thomas Tuchel's tearful letter after leaving Chelsea

The True Blues never imagined that within just half a year, they would part ways with the two most important figures in the team’s history, Abramovich and Thomas Tuchel.

It can be seen that, despite being fired, Tuchel’s love for Chelsea is still great.

`As long as Chelsea has enough shirts and a bus to go to matches, we will be there and play hard!`

Revealing Thomas Tuchel's tearful letter after leaving Chelsea

No one will forget Tuchel’s contributions in the past 2 years at Chelsea.

Leaving Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel currently has no new destination.

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Tuchel’s most memorable memory at Chelsea must definitely be the magical Champions League championship in the 2020/2021 season.

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