Hats off to Klopp for ‘doping’ Liverpool players

Hats off to Klopp for 'doping' Liverpool players 2

Liverpool had a hard-fought victory at home in the confrontation with Newcastle, but the most obvious bright spot of the match lay in the ‘brain’ of coach Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool went into the tunnel with a suppressed mentality after the first half loss to Newcastle due to rookie Isak’s goal.

It feels like Liverpool’s first half and second half are completely different versions.

That’s precisely thanks to the genius brain of coach Jurgen Klopp.

`We were only 1-0 down, but at times the players seemed to fall into despair. I forced them to stay calmer and come up with new solutions for the match. This is the best way to

Hats off to Klopp for 'doping' Liverpool players

Jurgen Klopp celebrates excitedly after Fabio Carvalho’s goal in the last seconds.

It’s easy to see that the psychology of Liverpool players is really affected after bad results in recent times.

Hats off to Klopp for 'doping' Liverpool players

The sad results in recent times have somewhat affected the playing psychology of Liverpool players.

The first half was almost Luis Diaz’s stage.

In addition, the appropriate substitution also showed the German strategist’s class when rookie Fabio Carvalho scored in the last seconds to bring a breathtaking victory to the home team at Anfield.

Hats off to Klopp for 'doping' Liverpool players

It seems that Newcastle’s strategy in this match is to lock down Luis Diaz, but they accidentally forgot Salah.

People say Liverpool is having problems right now, but Jurgen Klopp is not.

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