B-class sedan segment in April 2023: Honda City `usurps` Hyundai Accent

B-class sedan segment in April 2023: Honda City `usurps` Hyundai Accent 3

Entering April, Honda City suddenly accelerated, surpassing the sales of both Hyundai Accent and Toyota Vios, thereby becoming the most popular B-class sedan in Vietnam.

The recently released sales report shows that in April 2023, Honda City made an impressive achievement by becoming the best-selling B-class sedan in the Vietnamese market.

Honda City achieved sales of 1,137 units, an increase of about 40% compared to the previous month.

Honda City rose to the top of the best-selling car segment in April

Meanwhile, Hyundai Accent experienced a sales decline of about 23% in April. The company sold 1,050 cars and lost its leading position.

In third place, Toyota Vios is an unfamiliar name in the segment, selling a total of 695 units.

The most popular B-class sedans in April 2023:

TT Car model March sales (car) April sales (vehicles) Difference (%)
first Honda City 814 1137 +39.7
2 Hyundai Accent 1355 1050 -22.5
3 Toyota Vios 1050 695 -33.8
4 Mazda 2 420 403 -4.0
5 Mitsubishi Attrage 670 318 -52.5
6 Kia Soluto 103 82 -20.4
7 Suzuki Ciaz 3 4 +33.3

The decline in Toyota Vios sales may be due to some dealers announcing that they have run out of inventory of the old version, making room for new cars.

The next positions belong to Mazda 2 with sales of 403 vehicles, followed by Mitsubishi Attrage with sales of 318 vehicles.

It is worth mentioning that in April, Honda City and Suzuki Ciaz both had skyrocketing sales.

B-class sedan segment in April 2023: Honda City `usurps` Hyundai Accent

Suzuki Ciaz is still the most `sluggish` car model in the popular sedan segment.

The increase in sales of the Honda City model may be due to dealers reducing the price of the L and RS versions in April, a reduction of up to 70 million VND.

In fact, to increase competitiveness, many car companies are also offering incentives to stimulate market demand.

Typically, Hyundai Accent is currently discounted up to 38 million VND for the special AT version, 35 million VND for the standard AT version and up to 30 million VND for the manual version.

Meanwhile, Nissan Almera, a car model whose sales are not announced, is being supported with 100% registration fee, with a reduction of up to 71 million VND.

B-class sedan segment in April 2023: Honda City `usurps` Hyundai Accent

The new version of Vios 2023 is expected to create a boost in sales

Another notable move is that in early May, Toyota launched an upgraded mid-life version of the Vios in the Vietnamese market, which is expected to revive sales after a relatively gloomy first period of the year.

In this upgrade, the sedan from Toyota has reduced its price by 10-14 million VND in the two lower versions, while the highest version retains its original price of 592 million VND.

Besides certain changes in exterior design, the high-end version of Vios 2023 also possesses many notable improvements in terms of equipment.

In 2022, Toyota Vios is the `sales king` of the B-class sedan segment with sales of 23,529 units.

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