Losing to DK, GAM stopped at Worlds 2023

Losing to DK, GAM stopped at Worlds 2023 5

GAM Esports officially stopped playing at Worlds 2023. After losing 0-2 to Dplus KIA, they will book plane tickets to return home.

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At 2pm today, October 27 (Friday), GAM Esports will have a life-or-death Bo3 pair with Dplus KIA at Worlds 2023. The opponent is seed 4 of the LCK region (Korea) and is much stronger than us.

Source: Vietnam Championship Series – League of Legends

Planks Team 1 Score Team 2
first GAM Esports 0-1 Dplus KIA
2 GAM Esports 0-2 Dplus KIA
3 GAM Esports Dplus KIA

Ban picking game 1

The GAM squad is strong in the top half of the map, the bottom lane is weak.

DK played according to their winning conditions, GAM lost to the bottom lane.

GAM did very well by opening DK’s 1st tower very early.

The dragon soul is a wind dragon, advantage for GAM.

Deft and ShowMaker were too strong, DK was able to take down the 1st tower on GAM’s 2 wing lanes.

Minute 24, DK had both dragon soul and Baron, too difficult for GAM.

At minute 26, DK pushed to destroy GAM’s main house with outstanding strength.

Losing to DK, GAM stopped at Worlds 2023

GAM switched roles, putting resources on their bottom lane, top lane, and mid lane, forcing them to survive through the laning phase.

ShowMaker played extremely annoyingly when he gave him the Speedy Footstep gem. Kati’s Akali had no chance of Q hitting, completely losing to mid lane.

GAM lost completely on the road, unable to win in any lane, even though their bot pair had the advantage.

At 15 minutes, GAM put all their hopes into the messenger fight 2, they were wiped out and Showmaker had a Quadra kill with the Lightning Foot rune for Ahri.

Even though the advantage was huge, DK still played very slowly, forcing each of GAM’s support spells and not giving them any chance to turn the odds.

The scenario is similar to game 1, DK has both the Baron and dragon 4 buffs, pushing it to the end of the match.

GAM lineup attending Worlds 2023:

Dplus KIA lineup attending Worlds 2023:

Player Name Location
Canna Kim Chang-dong Top road
Canyon Kim Geon-bu Forest
ShowMaker Heo Su Median
Deft Kim Hyuk-kyu Archer
Kellin Kim Hyeong-gyu Support

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