Leicester vs MU: The final battle

Leicester vs MU: The final battle 6

Without a doubt, the ‘final match’ of the season between Leicester vs MU is definitely the most notable match in round 38. Who will get the Champions League ticket?

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10:00 p.m. July 26 |

Like a fate, the decisive encounter between Leicester and MU seemed like someone had arranged it in advance, placing it right in the final round of the season in the context of both teams having to fight directly for one position.

There is reason to believe in fate, when MU was ahead of Leicester and even Chelsea both times, but in both of those times, the Red Devils regretfully stumbled against Southampton and most recently West Ham.

MU’s inability to make a breakthrough makes the confrontation with Leicester even more intense.

Currently, MU does not have the right to enter the game with the position of looking for a draw, let alone a small loss.

In theory, the Red Devils could absolutely just need to draw against Leicester to be eligible to end the season in the top 4. But in a position where they cannot lose, no one would be foolish to defend a draw because it only takes one turning point moment.

Leicester vs MU: The final battle

Among the 3 teams competing for 2 spots in the top 4, MU is the team that has the most initiative compared to Chelsea and Leicester, although it is the Red Devils who spend most of the time outside the top 4 compared to the two opponents.

MU will aim for a victory to determine its own fate.

As for Leicester, like MU, they aim to win to be able to properly enter the top 4. The home team of King Power Stadium does not have the same advantage as MU or Chelsea.

Leicester vs MU: The final battle

If Chelsea loses to Wolves, Leicester only needs a draw to be in the top 4. But if Chelsea draws or wins, Leicester will be eliminated if they draw.

Too many hypotheses have been drawn, but they all become difficult to predict when the ball is not rolling.

Sunday, July 26, 10 p.m., the day of decision.

Leicester vs MU: The final battle

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