Do you regret it yet, De Jong!

Do you regret it yet, De Jong! 4

After Barca’s draw against Inter Milan, Frenkie De Jong is a name that is getting a lot of attention even though he did not start in this match.

Bayern Munich 4 4 11 twelfth
Inter 4 2 first 7
Barcelona 4 first first 4
Plzen 4 0 -13 0

Barca let Inter Milan draw 3-3 at Camp Nou in the 4th match of the Champions League early this morning.

In this match, Frenkie De Jong continued to sit on the bench while Xavi was still determined to use the midfield trio of Busquets-Pedri-Gavi.

De Jong was still on the bench and was only put on the field in the second half of the second half against Inter Milan early this morning

This draw brings Barca closer to the Europa League than ever before.

Not stopping there, De Jong was not Xavi’s priority choice from the beginning of the season.

Do you regret it yet, De Jong!

The Dutch midfielder is a rare bright spot in Barca’s midfield right now, but he does not receive trust from Xavi.

Looking at Man Utd, the system that Ten Hag built is increasingly perfect.

Do you regret it yet, De Jong!

There is no De Jong in the squad but Ten Hag is doing very well with Man Utd up to now

De Jong was Ten Hag’s number 1 target last summer and he will almost certainly be a huge star if he joins the Old Trafford team.

Do you regret it yet, De Jong!

De Jong turned down Man Utd and Ten Hag to stay at Barca to play the Champions League last summer

Now, Barca is at risk of falling into the Europa League and having to play two more playoff matches.

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De Jong’s moments at Barca

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