Neymar made a perfect comeback, Brazil won big in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers

Neymar made a perfect comeback, Brazil won big in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers 4

Results Brazil vs Bolivia – Neymar, on the day of his return, continuously tormented the opponent’s defense and then scored and entered Selecao football history.

Entering the opening match of the 2026 World Cup regional qualifier against Bolivia, Brazil launched its strongest squad with the return of Neymar.

In the 13th minute, Brazil had a chance to open the score after Rodrygo crossed the ball into the opponent’s hand to earn a penalty.

However, the home team did not have to wait too long to celebrate.

Rodrygo opened the scoring for Brazil with a sensitive moment (photo: Getty)

In the second half, Brazil continued to attack aggressively and quickly scored 2 goals in the first minutes.

But the nightmare at that time did not stop for the away team.

In the final minutes of the match, the away team Bolivia got an honorable goal thanks to striker Victor Abrego with a left shot from the edge of the penalty area.

Neymar made a perfect comeback, Brazil won big in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers

Neymar had a successful return to the Brazilian national team with a double and an assist (photo: Getty)

In the end, Brazil won 5-1 against Bolvia on the opening day of the 2026 World Cup qualifying round in South America.

Brazil won 5-1 against Bolivia.

Bolivia striker Victor Abrego weaved in and out of the Brazilian defense before firing a powerful shot from the edge of the penalty area into the top right corner of the net.

Brazil arranged to attack from home, the ball was brought to the right wing before Raphinha passed to Rodrygo.

This is his 78th goal for Brazil, thereby breaking the record of 77 goals of ‘Football King Pele’.

VAR reviewed the situation where the Bolivian player touched the ball before Rodrygo scored, but no decision was made.

Bruno Guimaraes poked the ball through for Rodrygo to escape and finish at the far corner, completing his own double.

Richarlison turned the ball and handled it past his body to take a shot from a very sweet angle surrounded by three defenders.

Receiving Neymar’s pass, Raphinha curled the ball with his right foot and hit the Bolivian defender’s leg, bouncing it towards the far post, out of reach of the goalkeeper.

Neymar broke through the ball in the circle of four Bolivian defenders before facing the goalkeeper.

Raphinha crossed the ball into the penalty area for Richarlison to head in fiercely but could not beat the Bolivian goalkeeper.

Receiving a pass from his teammate, Raphinha penetrated into the penalty area and curled a shot.

Neymar was warned after an elbow incident with the Bolivian defender.

Bolovia striker Moreno was booked for fouling Brazil’s Gabriel.

Standing in front of the penalty spot, Neymar showed too much pressure and then shot lightly as if passing to the goalkeeper.

Rodrygo crossed the ball and hit the opponent’s defender’s hand and the referee awarded a penalty to Brazil.

Brazil holds 80% of the ball and absolutely dominates the game against Bolivia.

Brazil’s number 10 hit the ball outside the penalty area, unfortunately the shot only went to the right edge of the net.

Bolivia serves first.

Brazil: Ederson, Danilo, Marquinhos, Gabriel, Renan Lodi;

Time: 7:45 am today, September 9, 2023

Tournament: 2026 World Cup qualifying round in South America

Location: Mangueirao Stadium, Brazil

Currently in Vietnam, there is no unit with the copyright to broadcast live the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers in South America.

However, we will also report live all the developments in the match between Brazil and Bolivia, where superstar Neymar is present, in this article.

Neymar made a perfect comeback, Brazil won big in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers

Neymar is determined to join the Brazilian team in qualifying for the 2026 World Cup with a big win (photo: Getty)

6/7 recent confrontations between the two teams had more than 2.5 goals.

Brazil scored first in 4/5 recent matches.

Brazil is unbeaten in the last 6 meetings with Bolivia, winning 5 and never conceding a goal.

Bolivia only won 1/12 matches in all competitions, 7 of which were unable to score.

Brazil conceded in their last 6 matches.

4/5 of Brazil’s last matches saw 2 teams score.

4/5 of Brazil’s last matches had at least 3 goals.

Brazil’s last 4 matches have only had a maximum of 7 corner kicks.

March 30, 2022 Bolivia 0 – 4 Brazil
October 10, 2020 Brazil 5 – 0 Bolivia
June 15, 2019 Brazil 3 – 0 Bolivia
October 6, 2017 Bolivia 0 – 0 Brazil
October 7, 2016 Brazil 5 – 0 Bolivia

Neymar won the best Brazilian player award in 2022 (source: One Football)

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