China: Nursing home gives gifts, children flock to visit father

China: Nursing home gives gifts, children flock to visit father 5

To help children who are busy with work work hard to visit their parents more often, a nursing home in China has come up with a magic trick.

On December 5, a series of Chinese news sites reported that the Phuc Tinh nursing home in Suzhou city, Jiangsu province (China) suddenly attracted a large number of children to visit their elderly parents.

The magic of this nursing home is to apply a special promotion, giving free shopping vouchers to hard-working children who come to visit their parents.

The condition is that within two months the child must visit their parents at least 30 times.

That is the biggest gift, in addition, the nursing home also offers many other lower rewards such as visiting parents at least 20 times/2 months to receive a voucher of 100 yuan (about 330 thousand VND), 10 times/2 months.

Nurses and hospital staff will record and closely monitor the number of times children visit their parents.

The number of people coming to nursing homes to visit their parents increased dramatically after the voucher program was launched.

After this voucher reward program was applied, within two months the nursing home welcomed a large number of family members to visit the elderly.

Phuc Tinh Nursing Home is currently taking care of 500 elderly people.

There are many people whose children only visit once a month.

90% of these elderly people can only receive care from nursing homes, provide companionship to people in the hospital or be comforted by robots…

Only when the above voucher program was introduced, 90% of the elderly here were able to regularly see their children.

From 10%, in the past few months, the number of elderly people visited regularly by their children and grandchildren has increased to 50%.

When interviewed by the media, many children said that they did not come here for money, but because they realized they had neglected their parents in the past, so they wanted to make up for it.

The elderly at Phuc Tinh nursing home have an average age of about 81 years old.

Their children are all busy with work and cannot take care of their parents regularly, so they entrust their parents to the staff at this hospital.

China: Nursing home gives gifts, children flock to visit father

Only 10% of elderly people in nursing homes are visited regularly by their children.

According to Thu An/People’s Daily Online

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